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Senta Knapp






SENTA KNAPP (B.SocSci, Dip. Natural Healing Science, AMINZ Mediator)


Before I was born, I remember being surrounded by a group of Beings in a place that I can only describe as “vital in essence”. One of the Beings gently placed a bright orb of light into my hands. As I received this glowing orb, another Being telepathically asked:- “ Do you think she will be all right?” To this, a third member of the group answered, “ Yes, she will be fine. She has her memories and they will guide her.” 

These are my memories of my birth.  I was raised on a farm in Kwazulu-Natal, South Africa and I have fond memories of my childhood, especially the late nights filled with laughter and animated debates around the dinner table. I  left the farm to pursue tertiary studies in Social Sciences at the University of Kwazulu-Natal. On completion of the degree, I received a scholarship, which opened doors to a post-graduate Diploma in Advertising and also work in the Industry. Working as a Communications Strategist for the ANC in South Africa’s first general election was one of the great highlights of my professional career. 

The memories of my birth experience are linked to my spontaneous awakening and the inspiration behind my Visionary Pictograms. I was guided to join a group of scholars from the Academy for Future Science. I have been a scholar of both contemporary and ancient sacred and inspired writings ever since.  Sacred texts are living vibrational keys that strengthen our connection with our higher bodies of Light. 

While at home with young children, I returned to full-time study. To further my own development, I trained in a number of counselling and healing modalities such as the Institute of Psychosynthesis, Process Oriented Psychology, the School of Natural Healing and the Academy for Future Science. The Diploma of Natural Healing covered Barbara Brennan’s and Alice Bailey’s work. Working with the anatomy and physiology of the human energy field opened a whole new window of understanding into the nature of the non-physical consciousness systems that underpin our psyche and our world. The human energy field is sustained by a person’s consciousness, which is part of an unbroken Light continuum with Divine worlds. The human energy field can be accessed intuitively by a healer to support clients in their journey to reconnect with the essence that does the healing, their Soul and their Spirit. 

On completion of my studies, I undertook further industry training to work as a domestic violence counsellor, in crisis mental health and to become an accredited AMINZ family mediator, visionary artist and educator. In my private practice, I see clients for healing and also work as a conflict resolution facilitator and mediator supporting individuals and families in crisis.