Soul Conflict

Death of the Human Heart

The portrayed struggle between the two men in this pictogram gives us a sense of the energy behind the intense inner battle between the higher and lower aspects of our psyche.

Even though this battle might be experienced as life falling apart, the struggle is safely contained within the circle, symbolically representing the Soul.

While engaged in battle, the man extends a hand and draws down the sword of higher wisdom and knowledge. With focussed intent, he uses the sword to pierce the human heart.  As the human heart, an organ symbolically representing love and compassion, gives its last fluttering beat, the phoenix opens its wings and reveals the higher wonders of the vast consciousness’ universes of light beyond this world.

This pictogram of the drama of our self-inflicted death is imprinted into the very chemistry of our being.  It is also a clear reminder that there is a difference between simply believing and becoming experimentally awakened to the higher consciousness planes. Ultimately, what is important is not the knowledge and wisdom that we attain, but how that knowledge and wisdom becomes an active part of our daily being.

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