Transformational Healing and Mentoring Practice

I never set out to become a healer.  A healer is a consequence of what I’ve become.  It has taken dedication to reconnect with my inner balance and strengthen the weaker parts of myself to be able to walk alongside others and support them in their journey of awakening.  

For my development, I have trained through the Institutes of Psychosynthesis and Process Therapy and I have completed a four-year diploma through the School of Natural Healing.  As part of this healing diploma, we covered the anatomy and physiology of the energy field as taught by Barbara Brennan as well as more advanced esoteric healing practices as taught by Alice Bailey. These have all been helpful and useful processes but foremost, I am a scholar of the consciousness sciences, a visionary and consciousness educator supporting you to activate the principles that will call you out of unconsciousness back into life.

Healing is a collaborative, gentle and nurturing experience but remember, no man can heal another.   I can only support you to reconnect with the substance that does the healing, the Soul and the Spirit. 

Esoteric Healing Practice
Equine Assisted Therapy
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When you come for a session you can expect to start working on past experiences, unmet needs and questions you might be seeking answers to. Dreamwork and past life memories, fears or spiritual experiences are often part of what needs to be addressed as our consciousness expands and more fundamental soul principles come to the fore. You can expect that I will start with an assessment through the human energy field. The human energy field is sustained by a person’s consciousness which is part of an unbroken Light continuum with higher worlds. By connecting to the anatomy of the field one can read the energy templates of both the higher and lower chakras which, in my experience, provides a valuable starting point in developing a healing plan.

I normally recommend that clients commit to more than one session.  This allows the full experience of being able to name a limiting process, connecting with the source energy, going beyond this process into the higher templates and integrating the understanding back into daily life to be completed.  Through ongoing integration of individual personality pathways, one eventually comes into alignment and under the influence of one’s own innate cohesive soul intelligence.  When the flame burns brightly it starts to illuminate the path and normally little if any further support is required.   This leads to healing at the deepest level and the gradual transformation of every aspect of life.

If you feel drawn to book a session, I look forward to journeying together and supporting you to live a continually evolving and resolving life.

Transformational Healing and Counselling

First Session $50 plus gst.

All further sessions on a sliding scale starting at $100 per session.

Zoom Mentoring and Coaching

First Session $40 plus gst.

All further sessions on a sliding scale starting at $80 per session.

Equine Assisted Therapy and Corporate Leadership Coaching

Indvidual sessions at $210 plus gst per session.
For a group of 4, $450 plus gst for 3 hours.

"I can’t express how valuable I found my consultation today. Your approach was empowering and respectful. Thank you for your help."
T Harding