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Visionary Pictograms
Visionary Pictograms

A visionary artist’s journey of consciousness.  

Over the last twenty years, I have recorded my journey of awakening and I trust that this account will serve as an inspiration to others to persevere with living in alignment with the gentle inner voice of deep knowing.

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I had been told that when you ask the universe for an answer you’ll be heard but I never expected that the answers would come as pictures. My book “Visionary Pictograms” is a visual journey of the intuitive pictograms and messages I received to questions I was asking about the evolution of consciousness, the purpose of life, energetic healing, soulmates and soul challenges, shadow worlds, discernment, transcendence, initiation, spiritual conflict, spiritual practice and the nature of Truth.

The visionary Pictograms and symbolic messages in this book convey information for the education of the soul. Whether you are a casual observer of the spiritual or an adept seeker of the Truth, you will find this book insightful and inspirational. For the more visually orientated readers, each of the pictograms can be used as a simple, stand-alone entry point of contemplation.

This book provides a clear context for the journey of awakening and will change how you engage with life. It contains a promise of great hope that humanity is supported as we transition to a new cycle of understanding.

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